Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Never done this before...

I have taken many parts of the CPA exam multiple times and have not passed any part, and yet I have never postponed an exam. Until now!

I knew I wasn't ready. That is one thing I do know, its what it feels like to not be ready and get score close to passing. So I decided to pay the $35 fee and change the date of my exam to July 3rd. I don't have another NTS for any other part, and no 18 month window clock staring me in the face, so why not give myself another month?

I can truly say, that I think it was one of the best decisions I have made through this journey. I am scoring in the 90's on my test and am gaining confidence everyday. I am also learning to tell people that I don't have time. It's surprising how many times I have caved in the past to whatever anyone wanted of me, but now, well its a different story. Some of them are getting upset, but they soon realize that this is MY priority, and come to respect my decision to put my exam first. I still struggle with putting the exam before my projects at work, but I am getting better.

So 21 days until FAR, going to pass this time, or die trying!