Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My REG Exam, Next section to study

Well I took my REG exam yesterday at it was BRUTAL. I had prepared for it, and used the Rogers cram for the last two weeks. I can say that there were several questions and a simulation based off of the material that Roger went over. I had one simulation that was giving me a hard time and ran out of time trying to figure it out, I sure hope its the one they throw out! I left the testing center feeling defeated. I don't feel like I passed so I am not going to count on it. 

Onto FAR, which I will schedule at the end of November. We are in the full swing of audit season at my firm so time will be limited for studying as I will be exhausted when I get home.  Planning 3-5 hours a week for the next 3 months, with a 2 week cram/refresher.

I will be blogging much less since my spare time is spent studying. 

"The only real failure in life is the failure to try"

Friday, August 5, 2011

How to react to your fail section

3 ways people react to failure

1. Give up - Often times when failure meets someone face to face, rather than trudging through the difficult times ahead some people choose to just give up. It isn't that they want to fail or that they really want to give up, often times its the fact that the failure has shown them new light. Each time we fail at something it is a learning experience, and some learn that this isn't the right road for them.

2. Persistence - Lets be honest, some of us are just stubborn and never give up. We put our head to the grind and try, try, try again. Self believers, they often times are hard workers. But is it positive to just do the same thing you did last time? I know it didn't work for me with audit, I got a 70 last February, decided to take it again right away in the next testing window. Persistence in me made me think that it would work if I just in another 40-60 hours of studying. Wrong! If you didn't pass the first time, something was amiss, and doing saly (accounting term for same as last year) won't work.

3. Re-strategize - Sit down and look at your study plan, what was working for you. Your feelings about your studying are typically spot on, if you feel that you are jamming through a section and everything is clicking then you are absorbing the information. If you get to a section, and we all know which sections are our troublesome ones, and you feel like you are trudging through 4 feet of mud up-hill, well then something in your studying techniques isn't working for you. Change it! Step back and ask yourself what will make this more enjoyable. Purchase some other studying books, there are several out there that offer different perspectives on a subject. The books are always inexpensive, just order the book and read the section and if it catches your attention and things start clicking then you have found something that works.

"If you greatly desire something, have the guts to stake everything on obtaining it"