Friday, April 6, 2012

FAR - May 30th

Took a break from studying give me time to get some things more straightened out in life and help me to get re-focused on why I want to pass the CPA exam.

As tax season is winding down I find myself a little behind in my FAR study schedule. I am going on vacation right after tax season, and before you say WHAT, vacation during exam prep?!?! I haven't taken a vacation in over 6 years, if I don't take one soon I am going to go insane. Every vacation week I take is to study (cram) for an exam, which hasn't really been working for me. So... new tactic, plain old hard work day in and day out.

I purchased a new laptop which will allow me to study where ever and whenever I want. I think this is going to be HUGE! My local library closes at 6pm, I live in a small town, we have no coffee shops so all of my studying has to be done at the office or at home. Often times at the office if someone see's me there late, they come in and talk to me. It gets to frustrating to keep telling them I am studying and asking them to leave... they always say, "oh just one more thing" then 20 minutes later they are still rambling. My studying at home has not been going well because of the interruptions (computer is in living room).

I put a sign on my bedroom door that says "STUDY ZONE - Unless the house is on fire or you are dying, go AWAY". This has worked wonderfully to remind my family of how important my study time is to me, interruptions are almost none.

I plan to setup my laptop tonight and get my study materials all loaded. Then its back into Inventory.

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